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Statement of Faith

While Omnism does not mandate or impose a universal creed or dogma; we possess three core beliefs:

1. Unity of Religions

We believe that all Religions are different and partial perspectives of the same underlying Truth. Each creates its own metaphorical language and framework for understanding and teaching this Truth and the disagreements or contradictions between them is a result of a “Tower of Babel” type effect. This “Tower of Babel” effect is mentioned in Genesis in the Tanakh/Old Testament and is described in detail in the book Truthful Fiction by Veridicus Ficta. Religions are metaphorical languages for studying and teaching us metaphysical Truths.  Truth is found in them All and All the Paths lead to the Light.

“Let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other. That is why it was called Babel because there the Lord confused the language of the whole world.”

-Genesis 11:7,9

“Reality is one, though wise men speak of it variously.”

-Rig Veda 1.164.46

“Someone once asked me what is my Religion. I replied ‘All the Paths that Lead to the Light.'”

-Veridicus Ficta

2. Divinity of Science

We believe that Science is likewise the study of Truth and that it is fully compatible with Religion in accordance with the philosophy of Non-Overlapping MAgesteria (NOMA). Religions and Philosophy describe Metaphysical Truths while Science describes Physical Truths. Science is a process and method for studying and teaching us these physical Truths through the Scientific Method.

“What one man calls God, another calls the Laws of Physics.”

-Nikola Tesla

If God created the Universe and God is the Truth, then Science is the Study of God and God’s Creation.

To Deny Science is to Deny God.

-Veridicus Ficta

3. The Artistry of the Divine

We believe that the Divine, Source, Mother Nature, the Universe, Brahman, Tao, God or whatever name one may call the original source of all creation is at it’s core an Artist, our Reality is the Canvas and we are the Instruments with which it interacts with Creation. The Divine Spark exists within us all and the creation or appreciation of Art is an Act of Worship.

The Deceiver speaks only Truths, told in ways that we believe in a Lie.

The Artist speaks only Lies,
told in ways that we understand the Truth.

Those who believe Religions are Literal Truths, have Fallen for the Deceiver’s Lies.

Those who believe Religions are Harmful Lies, are Fooled by the Deceived Believers.

Art is the Act of Creation, God/ess is the Artist, You are the Pen.

“The artist prays by creating.”

-Flannery O’Connor

Spiritual Experiences and Enlightenment

The process of Spiritual Enlightenment is the transition from Faith in these Beliefs to Gnosis of these Truths. The Spiritual Experiences required for Spiritual Enlightenment are a form of Qualia. They can only be truly known and understood through direct experience, the same way that we can not describe Colors to the Blind or Sound to the Deaf.

Entheogens and Empathogens are holy sacraments when properly prepared and correctly administered in the right setting under the supervision of an experienced spiritual guide or mental health professional; eliciting the spiritual and transcendental experiences required for one to transition from Blind Faith in these as Beliefs to Gnosis of these as Truths and achieve Spiritual Enlightenment through “Baptism by Fire”. They are the literal Fruits of Knowledge (Gnosis) that bring Death to the Ego and Life to the Soul.

Those who have never experienced Entheogens and Empathogens have never directly experienced the Divine, Original Source of All Creation or more commonly referred to as “God”.