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“The only Absolute Truths are all Paradoxes.”
-Veridicus Ficta

Non-Duality is known as Advaita Vedanta in Hinduism. It is the belief that duality itself is an illusion. In physics this same non-duality is seen in Light. When asked whether a Photon of Light is a particle or a wave, the correct answer is it is both. This paradox of non-duality is an example of the paradoxical nature of absolute Truths. Duality is a result of Subjectivity or Relativity and this is discussed in the Tao te Ching.

“Long and short define each other.
High and low depend on each other.
Before and after follow each other.”

-Tao te Ching ch. 2

In this verse the Tao te Ching points out how we understand what “Long” / “Short”, “High” / “Low” and “Before” / “After” are in a relative manner based on our perspective and they define each other.

In all things that Duality appears to exist there is a third perspective in which no Duality exists; and it is this perspective which is the Truth. We can take this wisdom and combine it with Omnism to come to a conclusion about a significant religious question.

Monotheism or Polytheism?

The only Absolute Truths are all Paradoxes and this is a prime example. Monotheism and Polytheism are both the Truth; it’s only a matter of Perspective. The Christian Trinity of “the Father, Son and Holy Spirit” is the Trinitarian Doctrine that is frequently accused of being Polytheistic by those who are unable to understand it.

The Trinity Explained

The Kool-Aid Man exists also as a Trinity. The Pitcher, the Ice and the Liquid are all the Kool-Aid Man, yet they are separate and distinct as well. The Kool-Aid Man is simultaneously All of these and None of these things. Another example can be given with your own body. Your Finger is You. Your Toe is You. Your Nose is You. Your Finger is not your Toe, your Toe is not your Nose and your Nose is not your Finger.

They are One and they are Plural.

Likewise “The All” is every God and Goddess in all the Religions that exist. It is None of them and yet simultaneously All of them, transcending Duality.

The One Person Play

Another way to visualize “the All” is as an Actor in a One Person Play. Every character is played by the same Actor who puts on different masks and personas for each character in the play. When we ask how many people are in the play, we must be more specific.

How many Actors or How many Characters?

Those who claim “God(dess) is One” are counting the number of Actors. Those who claim there are many Gods are counting the number of Characters. It is this understanding that “the One” is an Actor playing the roles of All that enables us to understand what is meant by:


“Whatever you do to the least of my people, you do to me!”
-Jesus in Matthew 25:40

Each of us is also a Character played by the same Actor.

The Actor refracts it’s own Consciousness like Light through a Prism into the Material Plane becoming our own Child Consciousnesses upon Birth and merging back into itself upon Death.

In this manner each of us are simultaneously “God” and “Not God” and whatever we do to each other, we likewise do to “God” and ourselves.

Yin Yang Yuan

Yin 陰: The Divine Feminine or underlying essence behind all the Feminine Goddesses that exist in Religion. This further breaks down into the Triple Moon Goddess of “The Maiden, the Mother and the Crone” in Wicca or the Tridevi in Shaktism/Hinduism.

Yin represents the Material/Manifested Plane of Existence.
“Mother Nature” or the Darkness of our Physical Universe.

Yang 陽: The Divine Masculine or underlying essence behind all the Masculine Gods. This breaks down into “The Youth, the Warrior and the Sage” in Wicca or the Trimurti in Hinduism.

Yang represents the Ethereal/Unmanifested Plane of Existence
“The Father” or the Light of our Metaphysical Consciousness 

Yuan 元: The Divine Child is the combined whole essence of Yin (Body) and Yang (Mind) to create Yuan (Life). Yuan represents a Superposition and Expression of both Yin and Yang. Yuan is neither Male nor Female, Dark nor Light, On nor Off, Manifested nor Unmanifested, Particle nor Wave, Truth nor Lie. It is simultaneously Both and Neither.

Yuan represents the Whole of Creation
The Created and the Creator.

The All exists within the One, the One exists within All.
The Recursive Paradox of Existence.
With You at the Center.

“The Kingdom of God is within You”