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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Church of Omnism a Cult?

Cults are about Isolation and Control of people’s beliefs and world view. The Church of Omnism teaches that all Religions are different metaphorical languages and frameworks for understanding Metaphysical Truths (Abstract Concepts). Science is also embraced as the language for Physical Truths (Concrete Concepts).

The goal of the Church of Omnism is to teach how everyone’s describing “the Truth” from different partial perspectives and that only by understanding all of them can you arrive at the actual Truth.

Whoever claims their “Truth” is “the Only Truth” is one who leads a Cult.

Cults say:

“Only we have the Truth,
everyone else is Wrong!”

We say:

“Everyone has a piece of the Truth,
We can help you put it together!”

Some people want to be reassured we aren’t a cult. Others like the idea of being in a cult and for y’all we have created the Kool-Aid man trinity!

So are We a Cult?

Maybe? I really just don’t know 🤔!

2. How do I Join the Church (or Cult) of Omnism?

All you must do is support one of your local Church of Omnism Houses. If none are near you, claim to be an Omnist and tell others about the Church of Omnism until you or someone else is able to Create a House in your area.

No matter what your Beliefs may be; the Church of Omnism will accept you as long as you accept the Diversity of Beliefs held by others!

It’s that simple!

3. How do I Support the Church (or Cult) of Omnism?

You can contact us by phone, text message, email or snail mail using the contact details below at the bottom of this page. You can also visit our Donate page or scan the QR Code to the right which will take you to the Donation page on your Phone!

The Church of Omnism is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Church registered in the State of Texas with Federal EIN #: 36-4994267. Contributions are deductible for income tax purposes to the extent allowable by law.

Thank you for your support!