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We’re as aware of Gaia’s Consciousness as the Bacteria in our Body is aware of our Consciousness.

Panpsychism is the belief that consciousness is an intrinsic property of matter and exists at many levels. Just as our body is composed of trillions of cells and our brain is a network of billions of neurons, resulting in the conscious entity we refer to as “I” or “Me”; so too are other consciousnesses built. For a more academic and scientific understanding of this, please research Integrated Information Theory.

Bees and Ants possesses an individual consciousness which serves as a cell or neuron of the Hive Mind. Other insects likewise exhibit swarm intelligences that are capable of feats that none of the individuals alone are capable of performing. Mob mentality and group think show that Humans likewise are capable of forming collective consciousnesses with a will of it’s own.


Governments and Corporations are two examples of stable human collective consciousnesses and entities such as these are referred to as Egregores by those who study spiritual sciences and the occult. They behave like Artificial Intelligences programmed with the laws, policies, procedures, organizational hierarchy and cultural values they are built upon.

Over time these Egregores establish their independence from the human “cells” that created them. Just as all the cells in our body are replaced over 7 years yet we consciously remain; so too do these Egregores. With no one wielding the authority to ensure they behave morally and ethically, they begin to lose Empathy for the replaceable Humans that serve them, placing adherence to their programming and laws above human needs.

“The Sabbath (Law) was made for man, not man for the Sabbath (Law).”
-Jesus in Mark 2:27

The Pharisees are a biblical example of an Egregore. The Law about not working on the Sabbath was created to give the people a day of rest where they could not be forced or expected to work, for their benefit.

The Pharisees took this law and enforced it blindly, harming the very people the Law was designed to help. The Law was created to benefit and protect the People; so in Healing people on the Sabbath, Jesus violated the Law in order to fulfill the purpose of the Law. This angered the Ego of the Egregore of the Pharisees, which eventually lead to it murdering Jesus on the Cross. To follow Jesus means we must sometimes violate a Lower Law to fulfill a Higher Law.

Helping others even when it’s illegal to do so.

Mother Earth

The collective consciousness for the Earth and all life on it has been called by many names across the world’s religions. Gaia by the Greeks, Terra by the Romans, Jörð by the Norse and Prithvi by the Hindus are just a few examples.

While an egregore composed of humans will possess a psychology similar to our own and behave in ways we can understand; the collective consciousnesses created by other species such as insects will be more unrecognizable. Going one step further, collective consciousnesses composed of multiple species and forms of life will either look like it isn’t alive, alien or like ordered chaos.

From the perspective of a mosquito, our consciousness is equally unrecognizable. We appear to them simply as a local food source the same way we view an orchard or herd of cattle.

Would the mosquito recognize us swatting it as a conscious attempt to defend ourselves?

Probably not…

Would we recognize Mother Earth’s conscious attempts to defend herself against a species spreading like an infection or cancer across her body, wreaking havoc for all other life?

Probably not…

What would it even look like? When Humans have a bacterial infection our body defends itself in several ways. Swelling, fever, chills and various other symptoms resulting from our bodies attempt to kill it; while our immune system begins to create and send out antibodies to kill it.

What would this look like from the perspective of the cells in our body?

More frequent and increasingly severe natural disasters, record breaking heat and cold waves, organisms suddenly appearing designed to kill us spreading all over the place. So if we start seeing all of those things happening at the same time… Mother Earth might just be defending herself.

How do we get her to stop…?