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Enantiodromia is the tendency for anything when taken to the extreme to turn into its opposite. When Pacman goes off the left side of the map and ends up on the far right; that’s Enantiodromia in action. In software development an integer with a type of signed byte has a valid value range of -128 to 127. When you add 1 to 127, 128 isn’t a valid value so an integer overflow occurs returning -128 as the result. In computers the following equations are not only potentially accurate but an example of Enantiodromia. 127 + 1 = -128 | 127 + 2 = -127 | 127 + 3 = -126 | and so on.

This is related to the “Horseshoe Theory” in Political Science and Jung noted this occurring in the Psychology of our own Minds as well.