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The word Consciousness is a word composed of the four morphemes “Con”, “Sci”, “Ous” and “Ness”. Each of these units of meaning (morphemes) serves as an atom in the verbal molecule known as “Consciousness”.

“Con” means “With” as in “Construct” which means “(Build) With Struct(ure)” or “Contra” meaning “With [Con] the Opposite [Tra]”.

“Sci” refers to Understanding and can be seen in the words Science (Actions Related to [-ence] Knowledge / Understanding [Sci-]) and Omniscient (One who [-ent] Understands/Knows [Sci], Everything that Exists [Om] and Everything that Does Not Exist [Ni]).

“Ous” translates as “Possessing, Full of”.

“Ness” translates as “State, Condition or Quality of”.

Together Consciousness means “The State of [Ness] Having and being Full [Ous] with [Con] Understanding [Sci]”. One who is “Awake” or has “Consciousness” is one who is “with [Con] Understanding [Sci], Full [Ous]” or “Conscious”.