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An economic system where Individuals (Capitalists or Owning Class) rely on Capital (Private Property) to derive Profits in the form of Dividends, Rent and Interest paid for by the Labor performed by Employees, Tenants and Borrowers (Laborers or Working Class).

It is the economic equivalent to the form of government known as Feudalism. The Capitalists form the Aristocracy, Nobility and Royalty with their Private Property in the form of Businesses, Corporations and Land (of which they are the Land’s Lord) serving as their Fiefdoms. The Laborers (Employees, Tenants and Borrowers) form the Peasantry or Serfs bound in servitude to the Capitalists (Businesses/Corporations, Landlords and Banks) in a variety of ways that result in a form of Wage Slavery.

A Slave that is Free to choose their Master is still a Slave.