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Capital is an economic term that refers to Private Property from which value or profits can be derived. This property can be in the form of Real Property (Land, Resources, Tools, etc), Virtual Property (Stocks, Bonds, Digitally Recorded Currency, etc) or Intellectual Property (Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, etc).

Profits are derived from Real Property by charging Tenants Rent or collecting the surplus value of Goods and Services provided by Laborers after expenses are paid, Virtual Property through Interests/Penalties/Fees paid by Borrowers and Dividends paid out by Businesses, and Intellectual Property through Royalties and Licensing Fees paid by those who would pay to use it in ways protected by Intellectual Property Rights.

Regardless of which form Capital takes; it provides “passive income” for the Capitalist who owns it by profiting off the Scarcity of their assets increasing or the Labor of Tenants, Employees and Borrowers. With the Capitalist being able to pay others to manage their Capital from the profits derived by their Capital; the Capitalist is free to enjoy a life of freedom and leisure as others perform all the work that pays for their lifestyle of luxury. Yay Capitalism 😈!