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The “Alpha Omega” is a common metaphor for God but it is also a description of God. The First and the Last letter of the Greek Alphabet. A Good (God) Leader (Alpha) puts himself and his own needs Last (Omega) and the needs of everyone else First (Alpha). It is because the Leader serves everyone else’s needs first that everyone else serves them.

Alpha Omega also describes the two places you’ll find the Leader. Good Leaders are the First ones In (Alpha), Last ones Out (Omega). First one into the Fray and Last one out after everyone else is Safe. Finally it is the true name of Highest God in the Faerunian Mythology; with the Physical Avatar of AΩ (Alpha Omega) being known as Ao (Alpha Omicron). Omega meaning Big (Mega) O and Omicron meaning Little (Micron) O!

Alpha Big O (Parent) and Alpha Little O (Child).