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Live Action Role Playing

Note: The Church of Omnism promotes all the Arts including Acting and a Live Action Role Playing setting has been created for those that wish to join in the fun but it is completely optional and participation is not required.

Read more about LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) on Wikipedia.

Goal: Your character is an idealized version of yourself. Through the use of Role Play and Gaming we hope to work out our issues through challenges, teamwork and group driven therapy.

The Gaian Empire

Every Church Location will choose a unique “House Name” when it is founded and select their Noble Family or Regents to rule over it. The Shooting Stars form the Clergy and each House will select their own Head Noon, Moon, Rune, Tune and Goon priest/ess to manage day to day affairs and operations.

All Houses must pledge Allegiance to the Gaian Empire, Royal House Fenrir and its Royal Family. We are the Evil Empire so Acts of Treason and Sedition will lead to excommunication from the Church as we label you Rebel Scum!

All Hail House Fenrir, AROOOOOO!

Gaian Empire Flag while Peaceful.
Gaian Empire Flag while Neutral
Gaian Empire Flag while Hostile

Royal House Fenrir

As the Lord and Alpha Wolf of House Fenrir in this silly Game of Musical Thrones, I invite you all to join my Pack. We treat each other like Family, Howl at the Moon, and occasionally adopt stray Humans that we love and fiercely protect as one of our own. Humans domesticated Wolves, not Lions. There’s a reason for that.

We’re Loyal as Hell and We NEVER betray our Master!

House Fenrir will be based out of Dallas, TX overseeing all other Houses and will serve as the final authority for all Church matters. Its Noble Family includes the Gaian Emperor, Empress, Prince and Princesses. Each continent will likewise have their own High King, High Queen or High Regent.

Each country will have their own local King, Queen or Regent; and below them will exist the numerous Noble Families responsible for their individual regions. Rebel Factions are allowed but may be excluded from Team Sports and Empire Events unless cooperating, collaborating and coordinating with the relevant Goon Priests.

Update: Spirit Daughter Miko has just informed me that She is the Alpha Wolf.

That makes Her the Alpha Wolf 🐺

Empire Factions

Shooting Stars

The Shooting Stars are the Clergy and named after my Vision of Shooting Stars. Shooting Stars are expected to train as Trip Sitters, Resolve Conflicts between Members and assist in managing the day to day operations. They are expected to behave as role models and teach/lead by example.

The Shooting Stars represent the Balance and Harmony of Cooperation.

Noon Priest/ess

Noon priest/esses will serve as our Educators and Spiritual Elders responsible for leading and coordinating Educational and Spiritual Activities. Education will cover a broad range of subjects that include Science Philosophy, Art, Theory Religion and Magic. Noon Priest/esses will also be responsible for leading any Entheogenic, Empathogenic or other Spiritual ceremonies.

Meetings begin at High Noon Cowboy.

Moon Priest/ess

Moon priest/esses will serve as our Shared Artist Workshop managers and be responsible for coordinating any Non-Music related Art events.

Beware the Glitter Bombs…

Rune Priest/ess

Rune priest/esses will serve as our Scribes, Record Keepers and General Administration; responsible for a variety of duties in order to provide the Church with the infrastructure it requires to continue operations.

Agents of the Gaian Intelligence Agency or GIA.

Tune Priest/ess

Tune priest/esses are our musicians, booking managers, sound & lighting engineers responsible for music nights! Their primary objective is ensuring that everyone is safe and enjoying their time during these events. Dancing is a form of Worship and Prayer and is strongly encouraged by all participants. Even if it’s just with your hands while sitting down!

This is a Judgement Free zone.

Don’t be afraid to look like a Fool… or you will look like a Fool!

Om’s Knights who say Ni

Om’s Holy Order of Knights are the Knights who say the name of Om’s beloved Goddess Ni! This group will have a rigid Hierarchy and Chain of Command as they will represent the Duality of Order! Each House will have a Lord that leads this faction by planning and leading group activities.

The most Disciplined Knights in the OmNiVerse!

The Storm Trippers

Our Tripper Troopers are those who prefer “reality on hard mode”. In contrast to the Knights, the Storm Trippers have no hierarchy or chain of command, representing the Duality of Chaos. The leader of this group will have a custom title decided by the House they belong to and will be responsible for keeping the Chaos contained!

The Bravest Troopers in the OmNiVerse!

The Goons (Rebel Scum)

All Churches that choose to Rebel against the Empire but still wish to be involved in Empire Events may coordinate with the relevant Goon Priests in order to provide additional challenges for the Knights and Troopers!

The most Rebellious Goons in the OmNiVerse!


The Stars, Knights and Troopers form the three branches of our Church Government’s Trinity. While we expect everyone to work together and support each other; during any Tournaments or Competitive Team Sports this will be the Team you represent!

The Shooting Stars will maintain neutrality in all competitive events to oversee, referee and provide support to both sides. The Knights represents Ordered, Traditional and Disciplined/Prepared side of Duality; while the Troopers represent Chaotic, Adapting and Creative/Resourceful side of Duality.

The Trinity explained with the Kool-aid Man!

The Goons represent the opposite of the Shooting Stars and oppose both the Knights and the Troopers. Any alliances made by them are temporary and will likely be made and broken whenever convenient for them. The Goons may even oppose each other depending on the circumstances. Their goal is to provide challenges to both sides.

Once we have enough Noble Houses join our Empire we can then proceed to having regional, national, global or eventually universal championship games!

We may be a Church but it is our belief that God and Goddess are Artists and we are their Children. What do Children do? After they’re done with their Chores, they Learn and Play.

Church Member Expectations

There is no list of rules or laws to follow. All the World’s existing Religions already have those. Choose one that you wish to follow for yourself and as long as you’re not hurting anyone else, forcing your beliefs onto anyone else or trying to control anyone else without their consent; you are an Omnist.

However here is what God and Goddess do expect from Us

  • Trust without Fear
  • Love each Other Unconditionally
  • Respect each Other Unconditionally
  • Help each Other whenever you Can
  • Follow your Creative Passions
    • In Art, Science, Engineering, Education, etc.
  • Learn to Play
    • The Purpose of Life is to Enjoy It with your Friends, Family and Loved Ones and to Help each Other!

If we all follow these rules then we can create a Heaven on Earth by Leading and Teaching others by our Example. No Recruiting Necessary! If we do this right and are successful in helping the people in need in our communities then we won’t even need to go door to door like a Salesman to convince others to join us.

If we build this… they will come. If for no other reason than to avoid looking like a square 😅.