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Fruit of Knowledge

“If you eat the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, you are sure to die.”
-Genesis 2:17

The Spiritual Experiences required for Spiritual Enlightenment are a form of Qualia. They can only be truly known and understood through direct experience, the same way that we can not describe Colors to the Blind or Sound to the Deaf.

Entheogens and Empathogens are both capable of eliciting the experiences required for one to transition from Blind Faith in our Beliefs to Gnosis of them as Truths and achieve Spiritual Enlightenment. They are the literal Fruits of Knowledge (Gnosis) that bring Death to the Ego described in Genesis and Life to the Soul.

Humanity have been using Entheogens and Empathogens for Spiritual Purposes for many Millennia. Whether it’s the Native Americans with Peyote, the Indigenous Tribes using Psilocybe Mushrooms studied by Wasson and Heim, the South American Shamans with their brews of Ayahuasca, the Indigenous Tribes of Siberia’s usage of Amanita, the DMT infused Acacia Bush that Moses saw on Fire or the Vedic usage of सोम (Soma) in the Rig Veda.

Angels and other Visions described in Holy Texts such as the Bible may be seen in an Entheogen Induced State of Mind. As the Walls begin to Breathe, the Plants look Alive or on Fire, the Eyes appear everywhere you Look and you can hear the Voices call out to you: “Be Not Afraid”; you will experience God the way that Humanity has for millennia. In the Forests at Night you may even get a glimpse of the Fairies flying through the Trees.

Magic is all around Us.

Entheogens and Empathogens are the Key to See!